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Adding Market info or Reviews to Your Real Estate Facebook Page

I’m all about more tabs on your facebook as long as they are helpful to your consumers. Here’s the scenario: I don’t know you. But I do know Suzie. And Suzie shared one of your recent interesting posts to her facebook – it then showed up in my newsfeed. I thought ‘hmmm who is this John Smith Realtor that posted something this cool?’ ‘I happen to be looking to relocate to that area maybe there’s more on the site that would help me’. I click on your page name and see the rest of your wall , I see the tab that says ‘my listings’ and look at your inventory. Still interested…. I read your profile….lots of information, check. Now I’m in the prime headspace to also learn about the market or read reviews about people’s experience working with you. But wait…there’s no tab for either of those options.
Not so anymore! Zillow now has easy to install market reports and feeds from your reviews on zillow that look great on your facebook page.
How do I set it up?
Go to http://www.zillow.com/webtools/facebook-apps/
Select Reviews tab or Local info tab depending on which you would like to do first. On the right it says look up your facebook page Follow the prompts. When you get the screen below you should have another window open to sign into facebook- search the app and add to your page. Remember that you can’t just do what they ask you to do within zillow’s site you have to do this additional step on facebook’s site to complete.

Follow the same instructions under the reviews section with the original link and you will have two new useful tabs! If you have additional tips – or you had problems doing this and want to help others not make the same mistakes please comment on this post with any helpful hints. Thanks!

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