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Alternatives to Stainless Steel?

I hear it all the time from my friends ‘My stainless appliances are always dirty!” And yet it’s been on trend for many years in new construction and renovated existing homes. I’ll be the first person to tell you I hate to clean! In particular I hate cleaning the appliances. So what are some alternative that are still on trend and won’t turn potential buyers off later on?

1) Pearl White.

white appliances

Not your 80’s white appliances but luxury homes are showing more and more iridescent pearly white appliances. Sheen and shine of luxury with easy to wipe off surface materials. Often paired with Italian marble countertops and pops of grey. Can also look lovely with the design trend of grey painted cabinets.

2. perhaps my favorite – Wood paneled appliances.

hidden fridge 2hidden fridge 3

Cabinet fronts give the kitchen more cohesion and in newer construction we are even seeing new kinds of fridge styles like the one above with it built into the lower cabinetry. Undoubtably more expensive than some options but if you want that luxury look you’ll get it!

3. Now if you like the steel grey color but not the cleaning issues- GE has a slate color line that is not stainless but looks darn close.

GE slatae appliances

Always check with a local experienced Real Estate Broker to see if your choices are on trend with what buyers in your market are looking for but these three examples should be neutral enough to appeal to a large buyer base.

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