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“I want to like the nursery too!”

Let’s be honest, you spend a lot of time in the nursery too and it should be a room you love! I’ve spoken with lots of friends who get frustrated at the options for their baby’s room when it comes to design. The brave ones will say things like ‘ it’s too baby’ ‘why are there cartoon characters everywhere?’ ‘who else is sick of animal borders?’ Nothing against animal borders if it’s your thing and if you want your nursery to look like a baby store exploded totally fine! But if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated or a compromise between designer and kid friendly here are some inspirations for you! May take a little extra work and out of the box thinking but so worth it if it’s then also a room you love to be in!

nursery 1nursery 1 2

Love, love, love! admittedly if I could switch out the crib for a bed I’d want this to be my room. More on the side of sophisticated vs a blend of style and baby but still an absolutely lovely room to spend a lot of time in. In recreating the look- these are grasscloth walls. Any textured wall is going to kick the room up a notch in designer quality. Then the patterned rug which you could find at Target or Home Goods, if looking for an inexpensive option, also adds an element of spice! This is a very neutral, cool, relaxing color palette, which might help a lot in the middle of a baby melt down!

Finn Room
Finn Room

nursery 3

These two nurseries are a great way to have boy or girl colors and not go too crazy with the gender theme. Soft colors with a hint of glamor for the girls room and modern simplicity for the boys jungle infused room.

nursery 4 I also ordered this giraffe as a decorative piece. I absolutely love it! A few toys interspersed also gives it that kid feeling but neutral seaside colors in this space keep it feeling calm and lovely for Mom and Dad.

nursery 5 For a totally different style I’m in love with this look. The decal/ stencil/ painting look is so special and unique. It’s clearly a room for a little one but the pops of color and stylish lines of the furniture give it still that designer look that it’s not completely out of place in say a pottery barn or crate and barrel style home.

So admittedly this topic has been on my mind for months because I’ve been working on my son’s nursery. We aren’t complete yet but here are my first looks….


One accent wall is a Moroccan stencil from with an antique gold paint from I chose the prints off Etsy and had them framed at hobby lobby. The Crib wall has a decal from Etsy and his new pottery barn giraffe. I’m still working on the rocker glider and waiting for the dresser with changing topper to arrive then we will be done! I like color and was excited to be able to use some bold colors in the nursery with Tourquoise and Orange.

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