Social Media Tips & Tricks

Below are some of the pieces of advice I give to beginning, intermediate, and advanced social media users

Don’t Learn Everything at Once
This is a common beginner mistake and one of the number one reasons people are not successful with their social media. When you are a beginner, baby steps are the way to go. Learn one social media and get to the point where you are fabulous at it. Then consider adding more. Otherwise a year later you will come in and see me and say “Well I started all these pages none of them really have any followers and I forgot how to update my business page.” One of my teachers used to tell me if you do something for 21 days in a row it will be in your muscle memory and become habit. I don’t know what is significant about the 21 part but I’ve used that technique for years and find it’s generally true. Try using that as a guideline. Use facebook for 21 days straight. Post some days, like things other days, friend people, comment and share. I promise after 21 days you’ll wonder why you ever thought it was intimidating. Then once you are comfortable move on to twitter, not forgetting facebook just adding something new into the mix. And so on….

Google Knows All
When you create pages like facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogs- Google indexes them most of the time. Don’t start something you can’t finish. I can only speak for myself and my generation but when I google someone and see they started several social media sites and never update them, that’s exactly what I think ‘this person starts things and doesn’t execute fully and follow up.’ Not a great message to send to people. Make a committment and stay consistent.

Use a Dashboard

Dashboards like Hootsuite, once you do have more than 2 social medias make life a lot easier. They allow you to post to all of your pages at one time and show you newsfeeds, tweet mentions, direct messages etc so that you can monitor your individual sites without needing to login.

There are a number of apps out there that can make acquiring information for your posts a lot easier. Current favorites for me are : Zite: pulls from multiple online news sources based on your section preferences i.e. Internet Marketing, Real Estate, Social Media, Food- if you’re like me you can make it your own geek newspaper to read in the mornings and tweet directly from the article views Pulse: similar in concept but you choose your publications you want to pull from rather than your topics.
Fwix: Local news

Don’t be a social media voyeur be engaged
Like, tweet, friend, follow, share, post, comment, tag

Don’t have secret sites
Promote your social media with widgets on your webpages, social media icons that are hyperlinked on your signatures (for guides on how to do this see my youtube site, tell people you meet and ask if they use any social media, invite people on facebook to follow your business page

Content is King
Interesting, fun, funny, useful, stats, analysis, if it’s something you would read and re-share to your friends and contacts then it’s something they would too, post it! If it’s “I went to the store today, peaches looked pathetic” I’m going to stop following you.

Keep Learning
The most valuable thing I’ve learned about social media and tech is that I’m never done! I’ve always got new things to learn, be curious, be committed, and be googling!

Be Googleable

your online reputation hangs on being googleable. Learn Search engine optimization techniques you can utilize in your posts, websites, and online interactions so that google knows you exist.

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