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” What happened to the facebook wall? ” mourning the loss of wall welcoming the facebook timeline what you need to know

Facebook wasn’t on my agenda of blogs this month, but as so often happens with social media they’ve thrown us a curve ball and I thought you might need some help. So if you haven’t heard, facebook over the last few months has slowly been introducing the Timeline, designed to replace the Wall. As with all changes it’s been met with mixed reviews but as my old English teacher would say that’s “tough darts”. I have used it just the past 48 hours and am a fan of the change with the exception that it’s a bit slow to load but I have a feeling that will improve with time.

What does it look like?

facebook timeline
Begin at the beginning ...or the end?

It starts with your standard avatar profile pic and a new cover photo (much like website banner)

Next you see a different version of your wall split more into categories- like things you’ve posted, things people tagged you in, things you shared etc.

What’s the point? Below that wall organization is now a scrapbook like timeline since you joined facebook of your photos important posts etc. Those that peruse facebook regularly to not only connect but enjoy their old photos and memories it’s a fun way to do that, reminding yourself what happened year to year.

Privacy : Is this all public???
Yes! It defaults to that (not my fav part) so you need to first go to your privacy settings, then there is a new feature called “Limit the Audience of Past Posts”

This will allow you to limit it to your friends and remove that default of public. Also, for at least awhile facebook has a message at the top of your profile that says once you have converted to timeline something like “you have till the 16th (7 days) to publish or you can publish now” meaning they are giving you a week to do your privacy setting and make additions.

Making additions: part of the timeline is major life events: jobs, houses, travel, births, and more here’s how to add those. As you scroll down and see a place you want to add something choose the option at the top right that says life event

You then select what and when and then decide who will be allowed to see that event – much like you would set your privacy for a new post, since in a way, that’s what you are doing.

Those are some of the basics – just a brief overview of a very big facebook change to get you started. I also liked this guide on Mashable. http://mashable.com/2011/12/07/facebook-timeline-guide/

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